As a kid I realized I had to grow up, but didn't want to be a grown up. I wanted to keep that childlike wonder and remember the amazing fun that I had with just my imagination and whatever crafty items I could scrounge up. 

I got older, got a "reaI" job (I'm a puppeteer), learned some things, but I still haven't grown up. 


I originally was going to name my business "The Island of Misfit Toys" because I can not stand the idea of toys that aren't played with and loved. Maybe it was The Velveteen Rabbit, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Toy Story, but discarded toys have always made me sad. I found an animatronic toy that was semi-broken and had horribly matted fur, so I stripped it and found out what a wonderful piece of machinery was hidden beneath the gross fake fur. I saw the crazy amount of time a toy like that must have taken to be developed, the love and attention to detail that make is so lifelike, so I decided to fix him up and make him amazing again. Now I take the toys I find, fix them up and find them a new home. 


My robots are made from old toys that used to have moving bits. I try to fix them,then I add a sculpt, sand them, add texture, dry brush them, and add embellishments. I upcycle and repurpose as much as humanly possible; the clock parts are from broken clocks that I have personally taken apart, the leather is taken from worn out purses and jackets, quite a bit of the copper wire I use is from my old VCR.